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Account Created March 27, 2013
Karma Level -4: Closed
Current Status Closed
Gender Male

AngryPidgeon is a user on GameFAQs.

He's not that angry, nor is he really a pigeon.

He also can't spell "pigeon".

His account was closed on September 11, when it was confirmed that Ridley would not be playable in the new Smash Bros.

He returned with the name of "ChillPidgeon", still unable to spell "pigeon".


Ridley flew into AngryPidgeon's father's room. He looked him straight in the eye and said "I'm too big." Nine months later, AngryPidgeon's father gave birth to him and then half an hour after that he joined GameFAQS.


MadWorld Original Soundtrack - Look Pimpin! (Lyrics)

The Official Theme Music. If you can think of a better one, edit away.