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Nintendo's all-stars, everyone...Though one of them is not like the others. Sora is from a confusing series, yet somehow this is canon to Kingdom Hearts.

For some reason, people want a lot of _____ characters in this Smash. Like how people want more villains for the sake of more villains, and more female characters for the sake of more female characters. However, some are even stupider, and request characters from Anime. Seriously.

Anime is pretty much Japanese cartoons, but sometimes people dispute it to say that stuff like Avatar: The Last Airbender is an anime because it's got a similar art style or that Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt isn't because it has an art style resembling American cartoons. What isn't disputed, however, is that this means jack.

On the GameFAQs boards, there have been plenty of threads telling people that they HAVE to include an anime character in Super Smash Bros, which generally leads to people choosing characters like Kirby and Pikachu.

The above screenshot is from Super Smash Flash 2, an excellent fangame whose reputation nonetheless suffers from its original concept as a generic Smash fangame with tons of gratuitous anime characters. Naruto, Ichigo (who is he and how the fr*ck was he even included?/ he is part of the big 3 ) and Goku are holdovers from this version of the game, and sadly enough, the current version now gives fully-realized and realistic Smash movesets to them for whiny kids on Miiverse to enjoy, mainly and only because Goku and someday Shrek and SpongeBob, because Anime.

The one true argument for their inclusion[]

While this is often ignored, Nintendo published the Jump Super Stars series, which were essentially Smash clones for the DS that featured Shonen Jump characters instead of Nintendo ones. This serves as a mild justification for the potential inclusion of Jump characters such as Goku, Naruto, Luffy and Ichigo, who also happen to be the most requested anime/manga characters.

Too Many Anime Characters?[]

On the flipside, there are many people who claim that Smash has too many anime characters, referring to characters like Robin and Shulk, despite neither appearing in Japanese cartoons. Despite this, Smash does have a number of characters who have appeared in Japanimation. Specifically,

But they are in fact correct when they say there are too many Anime characters in smash, just look at this list!