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Account Created Friday, April 3, 2009
Karma Level 33: Elite
Current Status Active
Gender Male

Arne83 is a veteran who comes on occasionally. Arne83 is a war veteran.

Smash Boards[]

Arne83 occasionally goes on the Smash boards.


Arne83 displays serious and autistic behavior.



Arne83 gives everyone a fair chance, even trolls.

Arne83 and the war[]

An artist's rendition of Arne83 in battle, about to strike his opponent.

Arne83 is a veteran of the Great Type War of the Pokemon X Board. He was a soldier in the No New Type Militia, known for his fierce and relentless attacks on any of those who fought for the Love Type Federation. Near the end of the war, he began to question whether or not he was fighting for the right side, but still didn't give up his aults on those that supported the dreaded Love Type. Eventually, he hung up his sword and quietly slipped into retirement, only days before the Fairy Type Empire declared victory.

Account bet

On August 22, Arne83 made a topic stating that he was confident that Smash would get some form of significant content from Xenoblade Chronicles, and said that he would close his account if it didn't get any of the following:

  • A stage
  • An item
  • An Assist Trophy
  • A Smash Run enemy
  • A playable character

On August 29, Shulk was officially confirmed as a playable character. And as such, Arne83 will not have to close his account.


Snowflame, "the greatest comic villain ever" according to Arne83

  • Arne83 was a war veteran and lost his toes in a tragic accident.
  • Arne83 is married and has five kids.
  • His favorite comic book villain is Snowflame, and despises DC comics for not giving more than just one appearance.
  • While he seems content with his lack of popularity, he secretly wishes that he was more well know.
  • He has recently take up support of an Inkling (from Splatoon) as a DLC character.
  • He has a big hatred of Golden Sun