Awsomdud is a Gamefaqs User. He is famous for his CYOA on the Fire Emblem: Awakening Boards, as well as his insistence that Anri will be playable. He used to be a supporter of Basilio, but then he had this odd vision of Anri.

Video Game Edit

His signature suggests he is working on an Atari 2600 game about himself, with "99 Video Games" which include "Singleplayer," "Multiplayer" and "Inigo Montoya." It is unknown if this game is real, or if he is full of crap.

Reviews Edit


The Image on the Cartridge.

It turns out the video game got some reviews.

  • IGN: 9/10 "Best looking game on the 2600!"
  • GameExplain: 8/10 "Lots of unlockables and Easter Eggs!"
  • Iwata: PleaseUnderstand/10 "It is coming to the Wii U Soon. Please Understand the situation."
  • AVGN: 3/10 "TOTAL S***!"
  • Inigo Montoya: 0/10 "I'm sueing you."


  • He spends way too much time playing Atari Games. And he doesn't even own an Atari.
  • He has a bookshelf filled with Video Game Books.
  • His favorite Super Smash Brothers Game is the one for Atari
  • He thinks the Gematsu Leak was false.
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