Species Clone
Homeworld Golf Courses
Series Mario Golf
Affiliation Prison Society
Gender Female

Azalea is a golfer, also known as Orange Peach Clone, that is not wanted by Michaeloll.

Azalea, A In DisguiseEdit

Azalea, a new golfer introduced by CAMELOT in the late 1900s, was CAMELOT's way of giving the middle finger to Daisy.

Daisy did not appear in this game, however a blatant clone of her obviously did. The flower name, then the orange colour scheme, and on top of all of that they shared the same voice actress? Come on!

Orange Peach CloneEdit

Many people mistakingly believe Daisy to be an Orange Peach Clone, much like Rosaline, Queen of Galaxies, is a Blue Peach Clone.

However, Azalea is the true Orange Peach Clone.

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