Baby Daisy
Species Baby
Homeworld Daisy
Series Mario Spinoffs
Affiliation Female Partnership
Gender Female
Baby Daisy is a baby version of some hoe.

Go Go, Daisy!Edit

Baby Daisy! everyones least favorite Mario Kart character. Mostly because she isn't a good character.


Baby Daisy

Baby Daisy, on her way to the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001.

Daisy in her Sports Outfit, being the tiest of all of Daisy's alliases, decided to spread some STDs to Luigi and Wario. Rumour has it she even took Rosalina's virginity, but it is digressed.

Nine months later, this being just before her appearance in Mario Tennis 64, she gave birth! This baby of Daisy's is actually fourteen years old. She suffers from a terrible condition in which she will forever look younger than she appears.

The Last Of The Good BabiesEdit

Baby Daisy and Baby Peach were the last of the good babies. Then they started adding like Baby Rosalina and Baby Yoshi.


  • Loveinterest

    Baby Luigi with Baby Daisy.

    Baby Luigi made love to Baby Daisy at age twelve. Rumour has it this is why Baby Daisy still looks young.
  • Baby Rosalina copies Baby Daisy's pacifier.
  • Baby Peach and Baby Daisy are enemies!
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