Baby Rosalina
Baby Rosalina
Species Human
Homeworld Mushroom World?
Series Mario Kart
Affiliation Destroying Canon
Gender Female

Baby Rosalina is one of the most popular and imaginative Mario characters of all time, along with her sidekick Pink Gold Peach. She was so popular that she would later be joined by new friends Dr. Baby Paper Pink Gold Metal Toon Young Ridley in Her Sports Outfit and Pink Hoodie Wireframe Dr. Pink Gold Dark Dry Baby Metal Honey Queen In Her Sports Outfit In Her Zero Suit In A Landmaster In Its Sports Outfit.

You may be asking: why the hell does Baby Rosalina even exist? Well, I'll tell you, she's simply one of the greatest characters known to man. And if you want to reconcile her with Rosalina's appearance in Super Mario Galaxy, then more power to you. She overrides Galaxy canon anyway.

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