Account Created July 7th, 2014
Karma Level -2: Banned
Current Status Inactive
Gender Male
Alts QueenLUCiNA GoddessSakura1

BigBootyR1dley is another mock account of BigBootyJynx that has cropped up. He does not have a big booty though.

The account died just like all the other mock accounts.

It was recently confirmed that this account is an alt of the same account who created QueenLUCiNA and GoddessSakura1.

Only TopicEdit

His only topic ever created was titled How would you feel with Ridley Being a boss?.

The OP was -

Well, since we all KNOW that Ridley's sweet booty is just TOO big for him to be a playable character in the new Smash (which is just VERY sad :( , it is just SO obvious that he is a boss in Pyrosphere!!! How do u feel about this, bb?

This was the only topic he created before he was quickly banned.

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