Account Created April 16, 2011
Karma Level 33: Elite
Current Status Somewhat Active
Gender Male
Nicknames Friend
Secret Mod
Secret Shopper

Blargargy is a user that lurks the Smash Bros boards. He rarely posts and nobody really cares much for him. He often makes fan art depicting X Wario, so most of his drawings are too innapropriate to share. He is a sad little man. His favorite color is blue.

He supports the inclusion of every character in Smash Bros, but particularly the Agent of Manliness, Black Shadow, and of course, Toad. He realizes that neither will make it in, so he at least hopes for Goku.

Blargargy's YouthEdit


An image of Blargargy in his youth.

Blargargy used to be a fine mother er. Often spending his free time on perfecting his already perfect body, Blargargy went around enjoying life. He often spent most of his time pulling es and men, until he fell in a love with a photographer named MegaPidgey. She did not want him however, and refused to go out to dinner with him, despite his pleas. Her reasons are unknown, but rumors on the street implied she was already involved in an affair with someone else.

After being rejected over forty times, Blargargy accidentally bludgeoned her to a deathlike state. MegaPidgey ran away, vowing to never talking to Blargargy again and leaving the world of photography to become a model. In a state of misery, Blargargy had his face reconstructed to look like Abraham Lincoln. However, due to the surgeon's recent neck surgery, he misunderstood and made Blargargy look like Albert Einstein instead.

He now lurks within the Official Incineroar Fanart topic, posting terrible Incineroar Fanart that I honestly could draw better.

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