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Board Games are games which users on the board participate in. They come in multiple forms. One example is Hurt and Heal, a simple game where users take turns to try and kill or save their favourite characters from being killed. Another example is Survivor, where players sign up and a hit with challenges.

Hurt and Heal[]

Hurt and Heal is a game in which players can either Double Hurt, Hurt and Heal, or Double Heal. Some versions ban Double Healing. Characters start with numerical values, and hurting lower said value and healing increases it. When a character reaches 0, they die. The winner is the last character standing.

Super Smash Survivor[]

Survivor was a game that users would sign up for, then they would be given challenges. They would complete the challenges as teams, and then the team with the lowest score would choose someone to eliminate. Survivor games are typically fun, however the most recent one crashed and burnt.


Despair is a game hosted and created by quinfordmac. In it, one user is igned the role of the killer. The killer kills (thus eliminating) another player. The victim creates a clue that points to the killer. The killer creates two clues to mislead their peers. Whoever gets the most votes is killed. When a killer is killed, a ew one is appointed. This cycle repeats until only one remains. Despair I was won by dj-izzle. Despair II was modded.

Glorious Garden of Smash[]

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The Glorious Garden of Smash is a new type of game where users watch over a battle between 6 gardens. They don't have direct input on what happens in the battle, as the gardens randomly distribute their damage over the other gardens. However, they can use coins to turn the tide of the gardens by adding characters, boosting characters, or adding blockades.