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Species Koopa
Homeworld World 8
The Hellhole of the Mushroom Kingdom
Series Mario
Affiliation Bad Guy, but gets to go kart racing for some reason.
Gender Male

Finally! You got here just in time to see the creation of my galaxy in the center of the universe! WATCH AND WEEP! From this galaxy, I'll rule a great galactic empire with Peach by my side. It will last forever! I will rule every pitiful corner of the universe. So, Mario, as you can see, I got big plans. And stomping you is at the top of my list!


Bowser is King of all Koopa's and has been playable since Melee. So he became a veteran after Brawl. And he has spinal surgery for this game, so he now stands upright. But he confesed that he doesn't feel that good standing after the surgery.


Rosalina getting presents from Bowser.


Bowser loves to kill Marios, he can't stand those bastards, sepecially when they throw him around and call him gay (or recently bi). They always try to dunk him into lava, and for some reason, they always invite him go-kartng.


He loves to kidnap Peach because she is a dumb blonde and she will likely fall for such trickery as "Date me and I'll set you free".


He and Rosalina date and give each other gifts. Maybe she is the true mother of Bowser Jr.? but she is still into Peach.


Bowser's appearance after surgery. He can now replace Ridley's slot in the roster.

Bowser is unable to memorize Luigi's name, calling him "Green Mario" on a regular basis. While Luigi does in fact remember Bowser's name, to tease Bowser, Luigi calls him "Final Boss Guy". But they are on a lot friendlier terms compared to Mario and Bowser.


Bowser is said to be the supplier of garlic for Wario in trade for Mushrooms, so he can turn mushrooms into Goombas, but these rumours are not yet confirmed.

Why Didn't Charizard Get Cut?[]

Many people thought Charizard would be cut when Sakurai said that you could no longer change characters during a match. And because Charizard stole Bowser's Flamethrower move, many people thought he would be cut, because Charizard was now redundant. but he was kept just to shove MegaXZard, the bad one, in our faces once again.

Sex Appeal[]

Recently in the Smash Wii U boards, Bowser has been gaining a legion of fans for the sheer sexiness his appearance holds in SSB4. For some, the appeal is in his hair, muscular body, spiked cuffs, and even his tail. For others, he holds a very dominant and 'bondage-y' vibe. His spinal surgery also resulted in this mive attractiveness upgrade.

See: His SSB4 artwork,


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