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The box theory is a stupid ed theory that there are two empty spots left and one of them should be Isabelle and the other is supposed to be Incineroar, they are still talking about another echo fighter in the other side, heck even Gamexplain knows about this piece of cardboard , when the rest of the empty spots are revealed the roster will be over but that theory is already deconfirmed because Vergeben knows 3 unannounced fighters so there is NO WAY this asinine theory could be true.

Andree123 chimping out over the Box theory

The Box Theory is a theory surrounding the boxart for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's bundle.

On September 14, 2018, people noticed the presence of a large chunk of Smash Ultimate's roster were featured in a seemingly random order on the side of the bundle's box, with a blank space after King K. Rool's image.

The order was soon discovered to not be so random; it went by 8's according to the Fighter Number list featured on the official website. A theory was soon cooked up afterward, that the characters that were excluded from the visible portion of the box could be on the other side. The entire roster fit across both sides.....minus three spots.

One of them was obviously for Isabelle, who had been revealed two days prior. Based on the way the characters were ordered, it was determined that the other two must be an Echo and a unique newcomer. Combining this with Vergeben's leaks, people came to the conclusion that Incineroar and Ken could potentially be the final two characters in Smash Ultimate's roster.

Most of the board found the theory to be unrealistic and laughed it off, but a small minority embraced it. Regardless, it almost instantly became a widely discussed (and debated) subject among the board, and a centerpiece of speculation in the mid-way point of Smash Ultimate's pre-release.

The theory is thus- that the only two possible remaining characters are A: an echo of a character from between Palutena and Cloud, and a newcomer. This lined up well with Vergeben's reports on Ken and Incineroar, which also fit with the earlier 103 stages war.

hey, it's just a theory....

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Officially as November 1, 2018, the Nintendo Direct confirmed the Box Theory was unfortunately correct, (mother er!) as both Ken, an echo fighter of Ryu, and Incineroar were shown to be the last original characters for the core game.