Boxing Ring Lights (BRL)
Species Light Fixture; God
Homeworld Punch-Out!! Stadium
Series Punch-Out!!
Affiliation Everyone except Sakurai
Gender Illumination

The Boxing Ring Lights were the most-wanted characters in the world. Everyone wanted them, and it seemed like they were going to be in. Sakurai hinted at them being playable day after day, the hype getting higher and higher with each ping post. But nobody knew of his fiendish plan...

On May 5, 2014, after eight months of build-up, Sakurai revealed BRL to be nothing but a stage hazard with no warning at all.


Of course, people flipped their . "How could this have happened?!" and "What the hell is Sakurai smoking?!" Were only some of the reactions to the deconfirmation. GameFAQs users were especially appalled.


The fatal post itself

He kept us going for eight months months just to heartlessly deconfirm such a requested and popular character? Nice job failing to make anyone want anything to do with these games now Sack-urai.

—A pissed off SmashingBros

The Boxing Ring spotlights are way too big anyway. Told you all.

—Typical BRL hater Emmy_Altava

Looks like I'm not buying this game. It's either boxing ring lights as a playable Newcomer or no playable Newcomers.

—An extremely disappointed The_Blazr

It's okay. There's no need to be upset, BRL will get its chance in the next game.

—An optimistic Shaneikua

At least Sakurai didn't disrespect Boxing Ring Lights by making them an Assist Trophy or a boss. That would have been a real slap in the face.

—Etheimaster in an attempt to lessen the pain

"I died."

"Just like Boxing Ring Light's chances :("

Shaneikua and Etheimaster

I'm so done! Seriously, Sakurai?!? THAT WAS A MISSED OPPORTUNITY!

—PK_Ness, enraged with grief

Why Sakurai hates BRLEdit

Nobody knows for sure why Sakurai hates BRL and its fans as much as he does. There are quite a few theories, but the most widely accepted is that he wanted to make room for more of his own Bias, such as his OC.

One thing is for sure, the people will not forget this. Watch your back Sakurai...


  • BRL has absolutely nothing to do with Ridley.
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