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Species Brick
Homeworld Kamto
Series The Legend of Brick
Affiliation Brick
Gender Brick

Brick is a highly requested newcomer for SSB4. 


A: Brick punches

AAA: Brick does a punch, another punch, and a THIRD punch WoOoOooOooooOO!

Every other A Move: Brick does something

B: Brick holds up a brick, shoving it up his hole. Holding down the button intensifies his -shoving, until he s out the brick in a fart explosion. Causes m knockback.

Up-B: Brick summons Ridley and rides him back onto the stage.

Side-B: Brick stares down the opponent with his amazing eyes, causing them to spontaneously freeze into an iceberg.

Down-B: Brick takes his trusty Drying Pan and covers his face with it. Any projectile that comes in contact with Brick's Drying Pan reflects back into the opponent with homing powers and explodes.

Final Smash: Brock flirts with the opponents but fails and in his depression summons Bill Trinen to do 2-hit combos on everyone.


  • People who worship the devil

That Other BrickEdit

We don't speak of this one.

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