cameronpbb is, believed by some to instead be a genuine rather than just a troll, a user who posted the topic "sakuri running out of time for characters......" on GameFAQs on 7/31/14. The topic contained horrible spelling and punctuation and it was quickly deemed a troll topic. Afterwards, the user proceeded to create two more topics, which were eventually modded and deleted, titled "I hate gamefaqs!!!" in which he insulted the whole board and the second titled "final post, just to confirm" which was much more docile.

cameronpbb returned in a topic titled "Nintendo of america pulled the leaked video, its real guys!", but this time with a much more respectable post, suggesting that cameronpbb learned from his mistakes.


cameronpbb himself claimed that he would go back to Miiverse, suggesting that is his place of origin and by some the explanation behind all of the events.


Within one hour of the "I hate gamefaqs!!!" topic being posted, a parody had already been created, titled "i hate 4chan!!!!!!!", replacing GameFAQs with 4chan.

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