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Cammie Dunaway
Species Goddess
Homeworld Earth 8-K
Series Nintendo Staff
Affiliation Nintendo of Murica
Gender Female

Cammie Dunaway is a potential newcomer for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.


Cammie Dunaway is an American marketer. She was the chief marketing officer for Yahoo! before joining Nintendo of America in 2007 as the company's Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, replacing Reggie Fils-Aime in the role after he was promoted to his current position as president and CO of the company.

Before joining Yahoo! in 2003, she worked for Frito-Lay for 13 years. After she quit her job at Nintendo, she became a nun. She currently resides in Mexico to build houses for the homeless people and adopts any orphan she sees. She is currently building a city where the orphans will run the city.

Relevance to Smash[]

Cammie Dunaway is heavily requested to represent the Reality series as a hero.

Users Who Support Her[]


Cammie Dunaway at E3 telling Sony to get wrecked.