Account Created January 29th, 2014
Karma Level 13: Provisional
Current Status Revived
Gender Female
Alts MadameCandeles

Candeles is a French immigrant that came to GameFAQs to take someone back home to her French parents. She almost succeeded in her mission, but was killed in a tragic accident. She was revived in a ritual performed by geno4life.

Smash BoardsEdit

Candeles often posted in her native language and talked about anything that came to her mind. She usually grabbed attention with her thick accent and exaggerated laughs.

She was going to be married to user geno4life, but unfortunately ped away before their marriage. She came back, but seems to have no interest in geno4life as of now.


Candeles is usually pleasant, but can easily be critical of other users. She displays a strong pride in her home country.



Candeles was going to marry geno4life, stunned by his sudden proposal. The two loved each other very much.


  • She could still be alive, we just don't care.
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