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The Ceiling Latios watches you always.

  • This is an almost unheard of meme, mixing Latios with the Ceiling Cat meme.


One day, while Mikokiri and her sister were playing Brawl, they summoned Latias and Latios then decided to take a picture of the current location. Latios was stuck in one of the blocks of the stage. The girls thought it was the and took a picture of it. A few weeks later, Mikokiri discovered this old meme called Ceiling Cat. It sparked her ten-minute memory of the Latios and she then decided to call it Ceiling Latios.

What does Ceiling Latios do?Edit


Ceiling Latios getting ready to blast off into ceilings

There are several things he does:
  • Watches you sleep
  • Watches you /piss
  • Watches you in the shower / bath
  • Watches you have
  • Watches you masturbate
  • One of the two of the Lati duo that comes out of a Poke Ball, and mosty likely the Master Ball too. But that's not important.


  • His middle name is Sam.
    • His full name is 'Latios Sam Ceiling'
  • He hates the colour orange.
  • His favourite thing is girls covered in honey.
  • His least favourite thing is people with fat lips.
  • He is racist.
  • He's an man.
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