Chase McCain
Chase McCain
Species Lego
Homeworld Lego City
Series Lego
Lego City: Undercover Subseries
Affiliation Lego City Police Department
Gender Male

Is anyone here a bank robbing clown?

—Chase McCain

An awesome cop from hit Wii U game Lego City: Undercover, no, it doesn't have a 3DS prequel, liar. Despite the fact the game was published by Nintendo, and he's awesome, nobody ing likes him. Yoshi2010 wants him as an Assist Trophy though, so he's got that going for him, which is nice.

Fun FactsEdit

  • He's Lego
  • He's got blonde hair
  • Tonnes and tonnes of moveset potential. I mean:
  • Not another blue haired swordsman.
  • He has a y British accent, and a better British accent than Shulk.
  • He pronounces "compuper" incorrectly.
  • He is made by Michael Hickox.


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