Species Human Skin With Breasts
Homeworld Somewhere
Series The Legend of Zelda
Affiliation Link's Harem
's Harem
Zelda's Hate Club
Tingle Fan Club
Gender Female

Shia is one of the main antagonists of Hyrule Warriors. She's got big, uh, brains. She uses said brains to recruit some minions to do her bidding like some real kinky probably.

Everyone hates her because she has big and women aren't allowed to have big . "They're Too Big!" they all cry. Well I've got news for you. They can never be Too Big.

She may or may not be the "Daisy in her Hyrulian Outfit", the alt universe counterpart to Daisy in her Sports Outfit.


Hyrulewarriors 1164974

God bless Team Ninja.

She has gigantic . She uses them in an attempt to seduce Link and constantly shows them off. Of course, since Link is in a relationship with Ghirahim, this does not work so she decides to kidnap that Zelda to see if Link would do anything. .


File:Shia .jpg
She has huge . They be huge.

The renaming Edit

Shia's official English name is Cia for some bull reason.

If Nintendo realised that the majority liked the name Shia, they would of not changed it in localisation. Too late for that now.

But people still call her Shia, and refuse to call her Cia because Cia is a stupid name for such a lovely big-boobed woman.

But the game called her 'see-a' so close enough I guess.

Known SupportersEdit


  • An image of Cia in her 'Time Keeper' outfit was set to spoilers on miiverse EVEN THOUGH THEY SHOW HER OFF IN THAT OUTFIT ON THE ING MASTER QUEST ADVERTISING
  • She's also got buns, hon.
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