Close It

A classic example of "Close Your Account".

close ur account

—DeZA's everlasting words

Close Your Account is a term used when a user wishes for another user to close their account. This can be said for many reasons, mostly used when a user disagrees with another user's opinion.


The term was first used by user DeZA. DeZA had posted this in many topics in a single day, specifally using the words "close ur account". The term then caught on, with many users posting it in DeZA's own topics. Overtime, the term has been used so much it has become a staple.

How to Close Your AccountEdit

GameFAQs message board accounts may be requested to be marked as "Closed" by their owners. When a message board account is closed, it can still be used to browse the site and submit contributions or use other forms, but it cannot be used to make any message board posts. Account closures are permanent; once closed, the account will not be re-opened.

If you wish for your current message board account to be closed, you must explain to GameFAQs why you believe so through their feedback system, and confirm that you understand that this closure is permanent. You must also confirm your username and login e-mail through feedback. If you do not, then your message will be disregarded. Once accepted, your message board account will be closed by an administrator.

Banned, suspended, and Read-Only accounts will not be closed, as they cannot be used to post with. In addition, the account you use to fill out the form with will be the one closed; you cannot request a different account be closed with this form.

Ways To Tell A User to Close Their AccountEdit

close ur account

Close your account.

close it

Your account. Close it.



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