Cranky Kong
Cranky Kong
Species Kong
Homeworld Donkey Kong Island
Series Donkey Kong
Affiliation Jumpman
Gender Male

What am I doing here? I could ask you what you're doing here, all of you! But I know - wrecking my vacation, that's what! First bees, then ants, now you and those overstuffed alligators are the icing on the cake!

—Cranky Kong

Cranky Kong is both the grandfath'r of Donkey Kong and the 'riginal Donkey Kong. He's also the fourth playable charact'r in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freezeth, and as a result he's a mod'rately popular choice to be a playable charact'r. Howev'r, Jungle Japes hath returned, and thith'r art rep'rts of his trophy showing up in smasheth runeth, so it's not looking good f'r him.

Moveset PotentialEdit

Cranky Kong hops on a cane and throws teeth, making him the mod'rn day Scrooge McDuck. He is also both a h'ro and a villain, so he wouldst endue div'rsity to the fair game known as smasheth bros.

What Dost He Doeth?Edit



In his defense, Nintendo only hyped up an announcement about a previously announced game. They never once mentioned Zelda. People need to stop expecting everything. But then again, this IS the internet...

He sells thou stuffeth in his st'reth. He's also a j'rk, but he's not anym're. He's also Donkey Kong's grandfath'r, although Rare says he's just the fath'r. The grandfath'r st'ry, of course, wouldst cullionly Donkey Kong Jr. is Donkey Kong's fath'r, and that Donkey Kong is in actuality Donkey Kong III. He's also best buddies with King K. Rool.


  • He is not Zelda.
  • His jointress is dead.
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