D4C's Love Train
Artists Rendition of D4C
Karma Level 20: New User (2)
Gender Stand
Nicknames D4C


That one hole


A uaaaaaal

Dātī Dīzu Dan Dāto Chīpu


Origins Edit

The stand of Funny Valentine. Named after the song by AC/DC, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheep and Love Train by The O'Jays

The User Edit

A guy who lurked around gamefaqs without an account for about a year. Then he got an account. Then he made a topic called "Ike is a Bottom" and received a warning.

He was part of And then I was like YOOOOOOOOO, helping the topic get up to the fastest 500 ever. He got 4 STPs and a Triple STP.

He posted this image and got another warning.

He's very lonely

MAAAAAAAN, Wha'da bunch'a jokers.

A Leak Edit

I tried to make a leak once






Smash 4 Characters Wanted Edit

Marshal- The main dude from Rhythm Heaven Fever. D4C is a fan of Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Klefki- That Pokemon you see on Battle Spot that irritates the hell out of you. D4C's is named Kleptomancer.

Lucas- bias

Roleplay Edit

He went on a Spin-The-Bottle rp on Charat as Mr. Game and Watch.


Image Gallery Edit

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