Daisy Ridley
Daisy Ridley
Species Human
Homeworld Hollywood
Series Star Wars
Affiliation Bitch
Gender Female
Holy ing . They announced someone named Daisy Ridley is going to be in Star Wars VII.

Michaeloll's ReactionEdit

ing pathetic, Michaeloll posted a topic called "The character you've all been dreaming for..Daisy in her sports outfit on Ridley" and then wrote this bull inside:

... is ONE STEP closer to becoming a playable candidate for this game!

Star Wars realized how popular the concept of a playable DIHSO riding Ridley duo was, so created their own main character after her!


Does this increase a DIHSO riding on Ridley character's chances??

I mean, step up your game, man.

Someone add other to this, this is going memetic I'm sure of it. It wasn't.

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