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Daisy in her Sports Outfit
Daisy Sports.png
Species Sports Woman
Homeworld Hell
Series Mario Tennis
Affiliation Equal Rights Advocates
Gender Female

Daisy in her Sports Outfit, or DIHSO, is a character supported by troll Michaellol. When a poll put Daisy in her Sports Outfit as a more liked "character" than Daisy, he switched allegiances from being a Daisy fanboy to a DIHSO fanboy. For a while, he obsessivelly posted topics supporting DIHSO. He still does, to this day! Apparently, she's just SO much different than Daisy even though they'rs the same person in different outfits!


Daisy in her Sports Outfit was born in GameFAQs. She continues to reside there through Michaellol. She is currently in an orchestra and volunteers at the local drug testing center.



Daisy being a

Not to be confused with DIHSO or DIHSO, DIHSO is Daisy in her Spots Outfit, the superior of the three!

Michaeloll likes Daisy in her Strikers Outfit the least, is neutral to Daisy in her Striped Outfit, and loves Daisy in her Sports Outfit. Don't look at this fat .

Ain't she pretty? She is without a doubt, the most diverse and requested of the Daisy alliases to be playable in Smash.



  • The sy woman everyone loves and knows spawned on August 5, 2012 at approximately 4:09:29 PM, with the following statement,
"Daisy being in a sports outfit being skinny and not in a big old dress 
could be considered the same difference you claim wario's fat and 
waluigi's skinniness have. "