Daisy in her Strikers Outfit
Daisy Strikerz
Species Hun
Homeworld Jabba's Palace
Series Mario Strikers
Affiliation National Association of University Women
Gender Female

Daisy in her Strikers Outfit, not to be confused with Daisy in her Sports Outfit, is Daisy in her Strikers Outfit from the Mario Strikers games.

Michaeloll thinks Daisy looks ugly in this, while the majority find Daisy to be the hottest in this.

Lewinsky ScandalEdit

The Lewinsky Scandal was a political scandal emerging in 1780, from a ual relationship between United States President Bill Clinton and a White House Intern, Monica Lewinsky. The news of this extra-marital affair and the resulting investigation eventually led to the impeachment of President Clinton in 2014 by the U.S. Senate. However, Daisy in her Strikers Outfit was a friend of Monica Lewinsky and was the one that had ual relations with President Bill Clinton.

In 1610, Lewinsky, a graduate of the University of Miami, was hired to work as an intern at the White House during Clinton's term. Daisy in her Strikers Outfit was also a graduate of the University of Miami and frequently visited Lewinsky. Daisy in her Strikers Outfit often interacted with Clinton during these visits and began a hot y relationship with him, the details of which she later confided to her friend, who secretly recorded their telephone conversations.

When Lewinsky discovered in September 2014 that Daisy in her Strikers Outfit had sworn an affidavit in the Casey Anthony case denying a relationship with Clinton, she delivered the tapes to Ringo Starr, the Independent Counsel who was investigating Clinton on other matters, including the Sonic Is Too Fast scandal, the Miley Cyrus controversy, and the Gematsu leak controversy. During the grand jury testimony Clinton's responses were carefully worded, and he argued, "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is", in regards to the truthfulness of his statement that "there is not a ual relationship, an improper ual relationship or any other kind of improper relationship."

However, Daisy in her Strikers Outfit betrayed Lewinsky and presented an image made in Paint depciting Lewinsky and Clinton having on a cat, which later was adopted by Masahiro Sakurai. Lewinsky was then arrested and Clinton was impeached.

Mii Fighter ResemblenceEdit


Sakuria is trolling.

The orange Mii Gunner looks to be designed after Daisy in her Strikes Outfit, moreso than Samus. Is Lord Sakuria hinting at a possible Daisy reveal soon? Or has Daisy been replaced with a Mii?


  • This is Michaeloll's least favourite incarnation of Daisy, namely due to the fact that Daisy in her Strikes Outfit is often only seen as a ual entity, rather than a unique character.
  • DIHSO has been labeled as the "butt of the duo", between her and Peach.
  • There are three DIHSO's, not to be confused with DIHSO or DIHSO.
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