Doc Louis

Dark Lewis is hated by Villagers everywhere, and is Wairo's African cousin. Not that being African defines him or anything. He's just evil.

Dark Louis is a racially offensive typo. Be very offended by his darkness-in the case of that he's evil, not because he's black or anything.

Why he isn't racistsEdit

  1. He's not dark in the sense of black, he's dark in the sense of being evil.
  2. Just because he's evil and black at the same time doesn't mean he's racist. Unless you're implying that it's impossible for black people to be evil?
  3. He's a typo off of "Dark Pit and Doc Louis." Easy mistake to make.
  4. "Dark" Pit is totally racists against angels anyway.
  5. He's nowhere nearly as offensive as Olimar.
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