This board is full of colorful users.

On the night of May 8, 2014, a user named DarkVenomSoul decided to call out the notable members of the board. The topic was enjoyed by most in spite of the hostile intent, and some even expressed discontent at being left out. The topic was modded after exceeding 70 posts.


ViewtifulGene you are not funny stop with your crap threads. I searched corny in the definition and found you, please stop trying it and embarring yourself.

sylawatch Oh gurl you were oh so witty at first, but your wig is now snatched. You ain't funny no more and you're flopping harder than Artpop.

Michaeloll Lol yes you are the biggest joke around you aren't funny anymore and you try too hard, you are becoming more irrelevant than Daisy herself.

DeZA you created the stupidest meme of all tme. Congrats.

User728 yeah oh yeah I'm such a troll look at me look at me are you looking? Now because you are a blatant obvious disaster. Sorry your parents didn't pat attention to you.

MorganF you are one sad emo.

Austin_4e your mad your mad!! You summed up in a nutshell. All you ever say.

LordCarlisle you are not cute or funny and try too hard.

goodgirl11 go put my high heels on and babysit.

Waluigi7 your jokes are honestly as old as the Beatles. Man you are phile too.

GoddessRosalina go back to the mental hospital.

geno4life :)^-^ ?/ ^-* f***ing trying too damn hard.

Shaneikua a grown woman? Lol alright stay basic and unfunny. You are as memorable as Beyoncé's 4.

BurnedPotatoes Ridley. Yeah that wasn't even funny the first time. Your username is stupid too.

SmallerRidley Do you even get invited to parties? Quit trying to ruin every topic.

KingIceSonic I get it you have the hots for a lot of guys that will never return the feeling now stop posting before it spreads.

Bellagio stay banned moron. Your trolling was stale.

Candeles not even French just stahp.


  • Shortly after the modding, DeZA tried making his own version. It wasn't as funny, but was about all the users who complained about not being mentioned in the original topic.
  • sylawatch made a topic that confirmed almost all of the users on GameFAQs were impacted by this topic.
  • Several topics were made by users professing their love to DarkVenomSoul, all which were modded by jealous mods.
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