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Dedede Man
Account Created March 25, 2014
Karma Level 31: Veteran
Current Status Active
Gender Male


Nintendo. The Donkey Kong Country animated series. Super Smash Bros.


Rather annoying, but he has his moments. He's searching for a gimmick, yet he hasn't made a name for himself yet. His gimmick is pointing out that King Dedede is not a villain. Some view him as a tragic hero for this, as he cares very strongly about the subject, despite very few others caring.


Waluigi7: Though they rarely, if ever, interact, Dedede_Man has always enjoyed Waluigi7's posts. Whether they're legitimate arguments or Beatles arguments, he always enjoys reading them.

LordCarlisle: After a conversation in a Rate My Roster topic, Dedede_Man grew to understand what a cool guy LordCarlisle is. He now holds LordCarlisle in extremely high regard.

Shaneikua: Dedede_Man always thought that Shaneikua was cool, but his respect for her grew 3 sizes when, not only did she make this wiki, but she allowed him to be a part of it!

DeZA: Always thought he was funny, but realized how gosh diddly-osh awesome he was after seeing his picture. Especially when DeZA drew his outlandishly ludicrous request!


His favourite fictional characters are Scrooge McDuck, Professor Hershel Layton and Walter White.

He ships King Dedede X Escargoon.

He's been watching the GameFAQs SSBU boards since E3, but he only mustered up the courage to make an account recently.

Started the "Forum Games: Riddles!" series.