Doc Louis
Doc Louis
Species Human
Homeworld Earth
Series Punch-Out
Affiliation Little Mac
Gender Male

The punch is mightier than the sword!

—Doc Louis

Doc Louis, not tah be confused with dah Dark Louis, is Little Mac's trainer.


Doc Louis reads the future.


Doc Louis first started out as Mac's trainer in one of the 200 Punch-Outs. This continued on throughout the Wii version, and it was shown to still be the case as of Smash U. However, noticing that he was currently out of a job, Doc took up a different profession- seeing the future. He was able to accurately predict multiple things, including Captain Falcon punching Chrom out of the roster, Waluigi being an Assist Trophy, the return of Ike, and more. He is now known by few as the prophet.

Other RolesEdit

Doc also may or may not have something similar to codecs with Mac. One thing's for sure, though- he appears in Mac's victory screen.


  • Doc Louis, contrary to popular belief, did not partake in the action of stealing Little Mac's bike.
  • Googling "Doc Louis official artwork" will lead you to a picture of bearded Isaac for some reason.
  • What's your favorite flower? His is chocolate.
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