Dora the Explorer
Species Goddess
Homeworld Mexico
Series Kid Icarus
Affiliation Earthrealm
Gender Female
Dora the Explorer is a heavily requested character in Smash Bros. Almost everybody in the world wants her to be in in the next installment of Smash.

She's famous for being multilingual at the age of four, but still not being able to find a banana tree that's right in front of her. She's also an illegal immigrant, and Border Patrol is currently conducting a manhunt to eliminate her. Her indecisiveness is matched by none.

She has an extreme rivalry with Swiper McCloud, the second cousin of Fox McCloud. She received an A* in Map Reading at Pre School, but failed at Critical Thinking.

Caillou is her boyfriend. GoFags hate both of them and think that making "grounded" videos on that ty animation site GoAnimate will actually make a difference.

Video GamesEdit

Her legacy in video games:

  • Dora the Explorer: Super Star Adventures
  • Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet
  • Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Mermaids
  • Dora Puppy
  • Dora's Cooking Club
  • Undertale (come one, tell me the protagonist isn't Dora)



Dora The Explorer Theme Song

Dora The Explorer Theme Song

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