Species Paper Dragon Thing
Homeworld GameFAQs/Miiverse
Series Imagination
Affiliation Villain
Gender Female

 Dr. Baby Paper Pink Gold Metal Toon Young Ridley in Her Sports Outfit is a highly requested newcomer. This newcomer is even more wanted than her father! StevenDrkPrince was the first one to suggest her, then everyone wanted her in. SmashingBros stated that she is his most wanted.

Why She is More Likely Than Her Father Edit

  • She isn't too big.
  • She is not a clone of anyone.
  • She combines many aspects of several Nintendo games.
  • She will be a unique newcomer.
  • She will be more loved than Dark Pit.
  • More requested than any of the confirmed newcomers yet.
  • Infinite moveset potential.
  • No arguments against the character.

Other Information Edit

  • Ridley has no idea who her mother is, he just received her on his porch with a note saying "Take this monstrosity, I don't want it!". The mother is likely to be someone from the Paper Mario games. Most likely candidate is Paper Pink Gold Peach (Not to be confused with Pink Gold Peach)
  • We will call her Dr. BPPGMTY Ridley IHSO for short.
    • For even shorter, Pupmitty Ridliso

Supporters Edit

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