earthmaster3 is a relatively new user to the community, but has joined in force. Generally amicable, earthmaster3, or earth for short, often responds to trolls and joke posts in kind, citing a wide and varied knowledge of memes and forum weapon videos


earthmaster3 has not expressed distaste for any other member of the community

Master_Radori: earth considers Radori a close friend and a stalwart Ally in the Isaac support Kingdom. Co-owner of the Isaac Inn

LordCarlisle: earthmaster3 supports LordCarlisle's team (Captain Crunch and the Cereal Killers) in the Smash apprentice (Season One) forum game

quinfordmac: DAMN IT, quin!

Character SupportEdit

  • Isaac: Most wanted Newcomer
  • Shulk: Strongly For
  • Ridley: For
  • King K. Rool: For
  • Palutena: Ambivalent leaning towards for
  • Pac-Man: Ambivalent Leaning towards against
  • Chorus Men: Against
  • Mii: Against, Least wanted newcomer


One user secretly harbors intense negative feelings towards earthmaster3. earthmaster3 is also secretly a super y lady.

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