Erotic Quin Fanfiction is stories that a user by the name of "AdmiralTumbleweed" e-mailed to quinfordmac's gmail.  Admiral said "Quin! Hi! I just want to show you how awesome you guys are by giving you this y story..."

The user then linked chapter 1.

Chapter 1: MinEdit

Quin was bored one day.

He was watching big, masculine men pounding away at each other.

...In a wrestling ring. This turned him on, very much. All he wanted to do was pound away at someone. That someone was Mari.

She seduced Quin, all he wanted to do was penetrate her with his white .

Then Carl showed up.

With Ghiracock.

-AdmiralTumbleweed then said "stay tuned"-

Chapter 2: The Good StuffEdit

(Alright, so I just got this email...)

Quin began giving Carl's Ghiracock a nice, long blowjob. His moist mouth soothed the Ghiracock. Quin wanted to stop. He really did. But Quin's mouth kept going. Now, he was spitting out Ghiracum.

Meanwhile, Mari sat in the corner, masturbating to this scene. She loved every bit of it. Her fantasies were running wild. She wanted both s.


Shaneikua burst through the door. Fully naked. The first thing she went after was Mari's . They were having woman on woman . Shaneikua dominated Mari, and they both loved every bit of it.

But Quin, he was now doing anal for the Ghiracock.

== Chapter 3: The unofficial chapter == "ROCK BOTTOM ME!" Shouted Quin, wanting the sheer force of the Ghiracock to make him collapse.

In the corner, sat Mari and Shakeikua, there was l discharge mucus on the walls and floor. Quin was looking in their general direction and was turned on by the sight.

He ejaculated so hard that it flew across the room and all over the girls.

They started eating it off the floor.

Then the Ghiracock finally reached maximum power and Quin collapsed.

THEN ANOTHER PERSON SLAMMED OPEN THE DOOR! It was Energyman! His beautiful long hair swept everyone off their feet, he ripped off his pants and made his Gengar use Hyper Beam if you know what I mean.

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