That ain't Falco
Species Burd
Homeworld Mushroom Kingdom
Series Stair Fax
Affiliation Baker
Gender Ma-Male

Don't even think about dying before I get there!


Falco is one of the fighters in the Smash Bros. Series.

He was first playable in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and became a veteran in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He was previously a Fox clone in Melee, and became less of a clone in Brawl.

He is considered the "average" member of the Star Fox characters with him being equal in both power and speed, while Fox is speed over power and Wolf is power over speed. 

Who is Falco? Edit

Captain Falco by YoshiMan1118

A common confusion.

Falco is likely to be a Blue Falcon, not to be with confused with Captain Falcon's vehicle, which is a species of bird, since he probably would not of been called Falco if he was not a falcon. Or so we are led to think; technically he's a pheasant.

He belong to the Star Fox team. He usually acts like a jerk and prefers the air as transport. He's also likely to be an man due to him constantly staring at Luigi's .

He is also not to be confused with Captain Falcon himself.

Why He Prefers the Air Edit

He is a bird. No . Birds like to fly. But he has shown inability to fly. He likely lost his ability to fly after his mama accidentally threw him out of

the nest, breaking his wings, making him lose many feathers and unable to grow more feathers. So his wings were forced to evolve into arm-like wings so he can do human things with them like grab . But his dream was to fly with his brethren, so he got a job as a pilot, which is the closest thing to real flying he can get.

Mains Edit

Add yourself or others to this list if you plan to main Falco.


  • Despite being named Falco, he's actually a Vietnamese Pheasant. 
  • He was killed by Roy.
  • Wildzubatappeared has a crush on him.
  • He dabbed before it was cool. And after it was cool. Actually, it was never cool.
Roast Pheasant

Falco's death.

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Falco IRL

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