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Account Created March 5, 2011
Karma Level 33: Elite
Current Status Active
Gender Male
Nicknames Far
Far Faruway
The Guy who lives Faraway
Mister Faruway

Faruway is a long time member of the GFAQs Board who loves Pokemon and a huge fan of the Smash Bros. Series. He is also a Reactor in YouTube, known for his emotional reaction vid of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Announcement Trailer.


A pion for drawing animes and voiceacting, he is friendly person who had a hard time making friends (especially female gendered friends) but although he shows that, he can be a bit annoyed and irritated by things that he finds unpleasant and unfunny, rarely showing an aggressive side of his. He has a huge obsession of speculating stuffs and refused to believe the Gematsu leak from the very beginning as he only believes in official news. He also believes that Ridley will be a playable character and a Stage Hazard too in the upcoming Smash despite the facts many GFAQs members who appears to be Anti-Ridleys, complains that he is too big and too slow. His relationship with other Users in the Smash GFAQs is currently unknown. He has yet to make a name for himself in the Smash GFAQs Board.

Faruway has a huge habit of adding videos of gaming fans reacting to Smash Bros. Trailers and E3 Events into several of his created playlists in his YouTube page. He has also became well known for his reaction to the Final Fantasy VII Remake Announcement Trailer in E3 2015.

Relationships with Other Users[]

Unknown for now


  • Faruway is a huge fan of Greninja and not only that, the entire Froakie line with it being his favourite Starter Pokemon of all time. However, he once hated Greninja's design when it was leaked from those who preorder the game, days before Pokemon X/Y was released. He believes it to be photoshopped, calling it fake and dubbed him 'Groaninja', causing a ruckus against the Froakie fans who loves Greninja's design in the Pokemon X GFAQs Board but eventually, he began warming up to Greninja's design once the official artwork of the Pokemon is revealed in the Corocoro scan.