Species Frosl
Homeworld Sinnoh (Various)
Series Pokémon
Affiliation AntiJynx
Beautiful Face Club
Gender Female



Frosl is an Ice and Ghost type Pokémon from Generation Four. Frosl is obtained by evolving a female Snorunt with a Dawn Stone. Frosl holds the honor of being one of the few Ice Pokémon worth a damn in any of the games along with Mamoswine. It's certainly worth more than Jynx. For one thing, it has base stats.

Frosl arose as a counter-pick option to Jynx. Very few people seem to want Frosl, but if the choice came between the two then Frosl wins out.

Known Supporters Edit



Trivia Edit

  • Frosl is always female. Always. Don't get any ideas.
  • She is potential waifu material.
  • Frosl is not a highly requested newcomer, but there are worse options.
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