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G-Day, standing for Day, was one of the biggest events of the Brawl board pre-release. The events that you are about to read have been collected from a scattered amount of sources about the internet, and as a result, the story may be missing some areas.

As a warning, with the new board, an infamous user from the Fire Emblem Heroes board has started posting snuff images similar to the G-Day video on the new Smash board. Be careful when opening topics.

The UserEdit

A user, Luna_Alt, with 997 karma decided that he'd commit account suicide, and he decided that he'd do it in the cruelest method possible. had yet to be revealed, so Luna_Alt had a perfect opportunity to entice users.

The VideoEdit

October 22, 2007. The stage has been set. Luna_Alt has come into possession of a certain link. Soon, the plan will be set in motion.

He posts a topic with the link- one to a certain video that claims to have proof that is in the game.

Many a user would click the link.

The link went to a snuff film of a decapitation involving a blunt knife. It may or may not have been footage from World War II. Reports also vary on whether it was a soldier or a reporter and whether the weapon was actually a knife or a rusty saw.

The topic was taken down within minutes.

The AftermathEdit

Everyone was immediately horrified. For once, the entire board united together and started posting pictures of kittens to soothe each other, but the damage had been done- to this day a few Brawl veterans get G-Day PTSD when it comes up.

As for the board itself, a sticky was soon posted that prohibited any and all talk of the video at all, under punishment of banning.

The mods took action against Luna (it is possible the FBI was involved, but this is unconfirmed) after perma-banning him.

Users then started a Luna "witch hunt," where they'd hunt down any remaining alts and/or supporters of Luna.


Some guy 'leaked' a video he said confirmed was returning to Smash Bros in Brawl back in 2007. The leak turned out to be a link to an incredibly graphic and disgusting video of a soldier slowly being decapitated with a small knife. I wasn't there when it happened but I saw the video and it was heartwrenching to see the poor soldier in such agony. I believe legal action was taken and mods posted a sticky prohibiting ANY talk of "G-Day: Confirmed."

—TomNookCrossing [1]

Oh god, I remember that leak video. That was honestly my worst experience ever on the website.


I saw it. I am still scarred from it.

—AdmiralZephyr [2]

Yes. I still remember it, and it was one of the worst memories I have of them pre-Brawl days... It was a video of a solider's head being cut off with a knife, blood and all. not only was it disgusting, but it was heart wrenching hearing the the basically crying and screaming that his life was ending that way.


As someone who was there when it happened, I can fill you in on what it was like.

The thread itself was taken down pretty quickly, so not that many people actually saw it initially. What you had after were the people who saw it freaking out all over the board, which essentially caused a panic. There were a couple of people who held onto the link though and shared it around for anyone who had that morbid curiosity. The board was a lot softer back then so the mere thought of a shock video like that sparked a larger effect than what you'd expect from modern times. The video itself didn't necessarily get everyone scared as much as the people who saw it did by freaking out as much as they did over it.

As a side note, I believe I've spoken to the Luna guy who posted the link. Guy was pretty chill, actually. Don't believe he ever got in trouble for any of that. He did make more alts to continue trolling gamefaqs after that though.


Wario ReferencesEdit

If you read the references below, you may come across references to Naked Wario. More information can be found here.


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