GameFAQs RPG Maker is a game being made the user DeZA.


Sincere Apology Edit

First off, I'm genuinly sorry for all the trolling, think it's time to stop now. You don't have to forgive me, but at least acknowledge my apology and expect no more trolling from me.

The Project Edit

Not trying to hype stuff up (we all know what happened to Super Smash Faqs Bros.) so let's get right to it. (Take note that a game using RPG maker is let's face it, much more realistic, especially as I have a vast knowledge of and have explored RPG maker inside and out.)

I'm in the middle of (working on it now) an RPG game based around smash bros memes, poking fun out of Nintendo, and video games in general. Right now the only characters are me and some original characters (placeholders). I want it to be based around the smash boards too, as I think you guys are cool.

If you want to be in, just let me know (I can't make any more topics as I don't wanna be banned and only have a provisional account.) Although, if someone could make a topic for this, It'd be highly appreciated. The reason why I'd like a topic done as soon as possible is 'cause I'm staying up throughout the morning to get quite a bit of the gameplay done and it'd just save a lot of time if I got a list of users who have given me permission to add them to the game.

If you don't believe this will happen, so be it. I ain't forcing anyone to follow this. Just watch this page for more updates coming to you very shortly.

Thank you,


P.S. Because of this, unfortunately I won't have time to finish off the RidleyFAQs kinky comic art. Sorry..

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