General Pepper
Species 50% Dog
50% Pure Awesomness
Homeworld His Dog Bed, Where He Turns Girls Into Women!
Series StarFAQs
Affiliation Japanese High School Girls
Gender MALE

General Pepper
Likes it Ruff!

—General Pepper's Tagline

General Pepper is the greatest Star Fox character ever. While Fox, Falco, and the rest of the gang are in battles, General Pepper makes some sweet love to all the pretty girls. He sends them to the pound, and pounds them, alright! He may look uptight and well mannered, but you haven't seen him when he goes doggy style! He s " es" cross-eyed!

Early lifeEdit

General Pepper knew his way around the hood before hooking up with the Star Fox crew. He was breakin' hearts and makin' millions. But before his fame and fortune, he was a local thug. You know, a "bad dog". But them po-po ain't catchin' him. He knew a few "tricks". And once when he did get arrested, he pulled out the big guns.. That's right.. He "begged". Got him the out of it though!

Collection of WhoresEdit


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