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Account Created January 16th, 2012
Karma Level -2: Banned
Current Status Unknown
Gender Male

geno4life is a legendary user :o on the GameFAQs board x_X.

Smash Boards

geno4life goes around the Smash boards posting topics covering several topics, including gender and character selection. ^_^ The most distinguishing feature of geno4life's is his tendency to bold several words in his sentences and his excessive use of emoticons O_o.


geno4life is very mature :^) for his age and isn't into the "swag" fashion. ^-^

geno4life is also very expressive, as shown by his use of emoticons :D and views himself as above his fellow users.

geno4life hates cyber-bullying >:D and often defends people from it, a notable example is his fight against Chrom fans that ended with a tie >:0, but he tied in a fight of a large group a people against one kid with a bit of support.



geno4life is engaged to Candeles, stunning her with a surprise proposal XD. She has ped away of unknown causes, leaving geno4life lonely forever :(.


ridley4life is geno4life's brother. The two of them eventually started sharing an account and this got geno banned D:.

Everyone Else

geno4life treats everyone else with respect, but is known to joke with other users ;).


They killed him and his brother. ;-;


  • geno4life is confirmed to be 14 years old.
  • He also bolds words for no ing reason.
  • A recent study suggests that geno4life does not have experience or even pive knowledge of the sheer impact careers have on one's life, as demonstrated by his desire to want the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U roster to be leaked by an employee working directly on the titles.