Species Generic Enemy
Homeworld King DeDeDe's hole
Series I don’t even ing know anymore
Affiliation Kirby Fanboys
Gender Meme

Sorry for the double post, but WHEN Bandana Dee gets in, (no if anymore) just remember all the hard work we put into our campaign...

—Hypernovaguy64, a virgin

Anyone who says "Bandana Waddle Dee" would be good Kirby rep really shouldn't be talking about possible Kirby reps, or at all really. This goes for people who suggest regular "Waddle Dee" as well.

A spear, head-wear, and unimportant dialog does not make an actual character. This generic enemy should not be prioritized over actual characters in terms of play-ability. The Kirby series has Marx, Shadow Kirby, and Zero Two - all interesting characters with more unique moveset possibilities than a generic enemy with a spear and bandana.

Don't just take my word for it - here's some straight up fact - Waddle Dee didn't even get a trophy in SSB Wii U. Who helped oversee and design Kirby games? Mashiro Sakurai of course. The same guy who pushed for the inclusion of Dark Pit. How does it feel to realize that Dark Pit is more of an interesting and desired character by Sakurai than Waddle Doofus?

Yes, I can already hear the gears spinning in your minds, pistons popping and pulling, coming up with an unrelated retort: "But but but ... All of the Pokemon are generic as well!" - Well, despite that being a bad retort, that isn't really true as all of the chosen pokemon were popular in the anime, and had their own personalities.

Let's take a look at some totally pointless dialog from various games, and tell me what character traits they suggest:

“It's time to torch Tuesday! You'll get double the Fire Fragments from each quest.” — Bandana Waddle Dee • Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

“You can capture an image of the screen by holding down X and pressing L + R. I want to take lots of pictures and show them off to my friends!” — Bandana Waddle Dee • Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

"I'm not just a pretty face!” — Bandana Waddle Dee • Kirby Star Allies

Let's not forget about this gem:

“Fridays are phosphorescent! You'll get double the Light Fragments from each quest.” — Bandana Waddle Dee • Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

No. Waddle Dee is a generic character. Nobody is asking for a Goomba with a top hat. Nobody (with an age over 10 and an IQ over 110) is asking for Black Mage. Nobody is asking for a well-clothed Moblin. Nobody is asking for a Team Rocket Grunt (and they even get their own music sometimes).

Please, Waddle Dee fans, learn your place. Understand that Sakurai hasn't been involved with more recent Kirby games (his last was Kirby and the Amazing MIrror in 2004) and doesn't give a flying flapjack about a generic enemy with a bandana and spear.

—Filbert, a chad

How to join the cult


Piranha Plant, aka Goombario, AKA Hat Goomba, AKA Bandana Waddle Dee is the Zodiac Killer. This boi is the most heavily-requested Kirby newcomer, because Kirby fans have no standards at all. You can read through his support thread here: (Warning: May cause )


What fans speculated his smash design would be


What Sakurai actually made him look like

The OriginEdit

The character's origins began as a mini-game costume for Waddle Dee in Kirby Super Star. When the remake, Ultra, came out, HAL re-purposed the design for the new sub-game Revenge of the King. RotK was largely a parallel to the Revenge of Meta Knight sub-game, with a Waddle Dee wearing a bandana instead a sailor's hat. To differentiate the playable Waddle Dee with the enemy ones in Return to Dreamland for the Wii, HAL once again re-used the bandana costume. This ended up sparking the fandom of 12-year old kids surrounding this recolor that continues to this day.

Notable appearances beyond this include:

- Multiplayer-only playable character (Rainbow Curse)

- Background NPC (Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot)

- Story NPC/Unlockable skin (Battle Royale)

- Playable legacy character (Star Allies)


No bandana here...

The Never EverEdit

As a recolor, Bandana Waddle Dee is unlikely to appear in Smash as a playable character without the vanilla Waddle Dee design showing up as well, thanks to how generic characters are usually marketed (Yoshi, Toad, Inklings, etc.). The vanilla design is preferred due to iconicness, something Smash has followed.This lowers the character's chances even further as Sakurai has demonstrated in the past that he views Waddle Dee as nothing more than an enemy mook as seen in the games he directed. Deep down it seems that Waddle Dee supporters are aware of this fact, as they are constantly trying to separate Bandana Waddle Dee from the rest of the Waddle Dee variations, often to an insane degree:

No, he is not just a generic enemy, he is now one of the most important characters of the Kirby games, he is more powerful than normal Waddle Dees, is an expert with the spear and is King Dedede's right hand man.

—Chandeelure, cult leader

Another thing one might notice is that supporters often refer to the character as "Bandana Dee", omitting the "Waddle" in a vain attempt to make the character sound more unique. HAL officially refers to the character as "Bandana Waddle Dee" or simply just "Waddle Dee", likely because they only see him as an alternate design of the pre-existing character. This is supported by visiting the 25th anniversary website's character section, where Bandana Waddle Dee is simply under the vanilla Waddle Dee design and isn't considered a separate character with his own section:

Supporter CommentsEdit

a waddle dee with a bandana made to work as player 4 who's still gonna get in smash before your favorite character lmao

—some butthurt Waddle Dee fan

Very humble
Never the same
More brainpower than expected


  • Hat Goomba cultists legitimately believe that he's more important than Meta Knight. I'm not joking.
  • The only reason Hat Goomba exists is because HAL is a lazy .
  • His only starring games, Rainbow Curse and Battle Royale, flopped miserably.
  • Many Goomba drones accuse Sakurai of being biased towards the Kirby games that he didn't make, and claim that this is the only thing holding Bandana Waddle Dee back.
  • This article is a post, the real Bandanna Dee article is here.
  • At the end there was no Hat Goomba, but a potted plant got in.
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