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Heavy Weapons Guy
Species Most dangerous man in history of world
Homeworld Siberia, USSR
Series Team Fortress
Affiliation Medic, RED/BLU team, TF industries, Mann Co.
Gender Giant man

POOTIS spencer here!

—Heavy to Engineer


Suggested Moveset. Ultimate - Heavy Moveset Showcase -FANMADE-

Fanmade moveset


TF2 Smash Theme. Ultimate OST - Team Fortress 2 Main Theme -Remix-

Heavy saying "Yes."

Heavy Weapons Guy[]

The Heavy, or Heavy Weapons Guy, is the high-power mow down assault mercenary from the online multiplayer FPS videogame Team Fortress 2. He is one of 9 playable classes and arguably the most iconic one, making him one of the comparably liklier candidates from TF2 to make it into Smash (however microscopic that chance realistically is).

Fan Support[]

There are numerous Smash memes about the Heavy, suggesting he is very popular among some Smash/TF2 fans (even if in an ironic way similar to Shrek). This may be explained by how the TF2 community is very active concerning content creation in general, however.


  • He is the Heavy Weapons Guy.  
  • His weapon is a minigun.  
  • His weapon weighs 150 kg.  
  • His weapon fires $200 custom tool cartriges at 10,000 rpm.  
  • It costs $400,000 to fire his weapon for 12 seconds.  
  • Someone touched his gun (Sasha).  
  • Some people think they can outsmart him.  
  • He has yet to meet one that can outsmart a bullet.  
  • He shouldn't be awake for cardiac surgery.  
  • Sasha (the Heavy's minigun) is asleep.  
  • The Heavy will lay an egg in your mouth.  
  • The Heavy heard someone building a diaper changing station.  
  • Never make the Heavy angry.  
  • The Heavy thinks he is a bird  
  • The Heavy is many things, including: