Heavy Mole
Heavy Mole
Species Heavy Mole
Homeworld Pop Star
Series Kirby
Affiliation Oil Tycoons
Gender Neutral
Heavy Mole is a character that kidmf935 started wanting an hour and a half before the Hyrule Warriors Direct because he was fighting against him on NES Remix 2 and though, "This guy should be in Smash Bros."

What Is It?Edit

It's clearly not a mole. It's some drilling thing. But that just makes it better.

What Would It Do?Edit

Th (1)

Yeah, this one.

Can you not read? It drills. It also shoots out smaller versions of itself, or something.

Which One?Edit

Not the Nightmare in Dream Land one. The Kirby's Adventure one. Although I haven't seen what it looks like in Nightmare in Dream Land in a while. Maybe it should get remade again. Then again, Kirby doesn't get a lot of remakes. You ever notice how only the Sakurai games have gotten remakes? Gee, I wonder why.


Add yourself to the list, yada yada, we've said this a million times before.

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