I Gotta Say, stylized as "i gotta say" is a meme that started on the GameFAQs board for no reason whatsoever.

Origin Edit

A topic on the smash boards started an out-of-control craze that swept among many topics on May 23, 2014. Within 4 hours, the thread was on the homepage of GameFAQs and had hit 500 posts of repeated nonsense and ASCII art.

The topic was created by SaikyoBro but it was soothsayer77's repost of the OP which led to the trend. This trend would then be continued by Austin 4e, Waluigi7, Charizard18, Kooky von Koopa, APlusle, Radori, ShadowPunch62 and many many more users.

SaikyoBro returned on the 24th, confused as to why he was victimised. It was in this thread that another phrase was coined, being repeated by RotomGuy3.

The Original Post Edit

"I love how the realistic characters look in this game. There may have been some concern early on about how they'd work since it's so much more colorful than Brawl but they all look fantastic so far. Ike's face and body are so well-crafted, same for ZSS and Link. I'm super excited to see Falcon, , and Snake should he return.

It's like, the cartoony characters look so goofy and expressive and fun, but the serious ones look so serious and cool. Their personalities seem much more up-played than in the older games and I'm loving it. Easily the best Smash yet from an aesthetic perspective imo."

Related Phrases Edit

  • i gotta say
  • aw c'mon you guys are the worst
  • uh / come again
  • you know what
  • they don't think it be like it is, but it do
  • Go home GameFAQs.
  • As i'm approved on neogaf i'm leaving and never coming back
  • Ok. I don't like it
  • The "question" remains
  • nobody expects jinjo
  • ok i laughed at that
  • The best thing ever.
  • I wish I had a GameFAQs perspective. 
  • <spoiler>I completely agree with your original post though</spoiler>

The following were coined in the second thread

  • uh actually there wasn't a comma when i originally said that.....
  • why me / what did i do to deserve this
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