I tell you hwut

—Hwut Hwut




"I Tell You Hwut" is a legendary topic that occurred on July 27, 2014. Below is a synopsis of the events.

  • The topic started with King of the Hill variants on "I Gotta Say" quotes.
  • Radori and Patwhit01 had a same time post that said exactly the same thing.
  • Later on, Hi Sophia reported the topic, was called a butt, and got pissed off. This led to her telling energyman to jump off of a cliff. In an ironic twist, this comment was reported, and got removed. She then said that the thread would never reach 500.
  • energyman2289 revealed that his name is Matt, while NintendoIsBeast revealed that his name is Quinton and Yoshi2010 said his name was Conor.
  • Shaneikua dropped in, and asked who everyone would reach for if every SmashFAQs member was part of an orgy.
    • This somehow led to NintendoIsBeast stating that he is allergic to black people, a comment that would get him suspended and then banned.
  • Quin dropped a bunch of quarters.
  • HerbertMcGee wanted to get a NintendoIsBeast dakimakura.
  • Archest-Archer had a long speech at DemonicDratini about how Virion is the best thing since the in' sliced bread, and threatened to track the Virion hater down and hurt him.
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