Ice Climbers
Species Human?
Homeworld Antarctica
Series Ice Climber
Affiliation Mountain Climbers
Gender Male (Popo)

Female (Nana)

Hey guys! It's Ice Climber! Well, I'll show you how to move. Get rhythm with your friends, and rock the iceberg!

—The Ice Climbers (technically)

The Attractive Ice Climbering

The Attractive Ice Climbering

A live action film by falloffcliffman

The Ice Climbers are veterans of the Super Smash Bros series, a tag team consisting of made up of the climbers Popo and Nana. They could be considered the original "waifu" characters, seeing as multiple users have cited them as attractive.


Popo is the male of the duo and usually dresses in blue. He is usually the leader of the duo, you can make Nana the leader by choosing specific colours, and is useless without Nana. He also hits Seals and fluffy Yeti things in his spare time with his hammer.


Nana is the female of the duo and Waluigi7's fiance and waifu. She usually dresses in pink and is usually the one behind Popo, but she can take charge if you choose the correct colour. She is in love with Waluigi7 and vice versa, at least that is what Waluigi7 claims. She is also speculated to be around Waluigi7's age, but her true age is unknown. She has a hammer like Popo.

In Smesh BrosEdit

They were in Melee and Brawl, where they are both extremely toxic to fight against and extremely toxic to play against, even compared to others in the series, because the only things people ever do against you with them is Wobble you, instead of winning by actual skill. Or their infinite chaingrabs that work on everyone except them in Brawl, which both make you want to die inside from all the toxicity they cause when used against you.

The ESRB LeakEdit

According to The ESRB Leak, the Ice Climbers are cut.

On the night of November 9, 2014, someone got the "You have unlocked all characters screen!". With no Ice Climbers on the roster...

Or Ridley.

Video Edit

Leaked Ice Climbers Trailer - Smash Bros Wii U 3DS

Leaked Ice Climbers Trailer - Smash Bros Wii U 3DS

They're totally not cut after all, guys!

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