Species Waifu
Homeworld Town Hall
Series Animal Crossing
Affiliation Satan

Duck Hunt Echo ShockingKnock

Gender Bitch
Isabelle is a character who is in SSB4 as a Assist Trophy. One month after the announcement of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's title name, Vergeben made a thread that leaked her as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Vergeben constantly wavered over whether she'd be an Echo to Villager and ultimately refused to commit one way or the other.

On September 13th, she was revealed as a full newcomer, #68 on the blog. She shares two specials and a few other moves with Villager but is mostly unique, making her the Luigi to Villager's Mario.

The Reveal ControversyEdit

Her reveal was spectacular bait for Animal Crossing fans who just wanted another game and had no idea what it was during the buildup. Unfortunately, between the weeklong delay and the expectation that there would be an echo in addition to a newcomer due to some strange numbering on the official blog, Isabelle ended up coming under a lot of unnecessary fire.

Despite being ridiculously popular and the mascot of one of Nintendo's biggest series, the board became furious, with many identifying Isabelle as the worst newcomer in the game and accusing her trailer of being underwhelming due to both misplaced expectations based on something that we weren't supposed to know about anyway and not being in the target demographic characters like Isabelle appeal to. All of a sudden, everyone suddenly forgot about the whole everyone is here thing, Ridley, and King K. Rool and started complaining somewhat irrationally about how Isabelle stole a slot. (Which is somewhat understandable because she is not an echo fighter) Should the box theory prove true, (which it in no way will) it's unfortunately likely that Isabelle will come under even more ire for not being Geno/Skull Kid/Isaac/Shantae/Banjo/insert other popular character here she clearly kept out.


  • There were so many fake leaks of her in Ultimate threads before she was leaked by Vergeben.
  • Despite this, she was actually commonly predicted by people who understood Animal Crossing's importance to Nintendo even before Vergeben came along. She only started showing up on just about every single prediction after he said she was in. And many expected her to be an echo anyway.
  • Isabelle caused a lot of depression in Smashboards.
  • Isaac, Geno and Banjo supporters are already saying she stole their spot.
  • She also killed Loz18 and made him delete his Twitter again. She also chased him out of the private Discord server.
  • She is married to Bill Trinen.
  • ShockingKnock is obsessed with her. He's super weird about her being his waifu though. he wants to have really big sex with her. Not actually, though. ShockingKnock isn't the type of person to do that. He does obviously have a crush on her, though.