The 11th of July (2014) is when the board went nuts... Again. Mainly due to one big event, but other happened too.

that happened Edit

  • Lame pic of the day which was just Pac-Man's up taunt.
  • Someone died. No, joke, someone known by a board user died.
  • Sakurai announced that he will reveal a newcomer on Monday
    • After that announcement, People went ape
  • Ridley Topics everywhere.
  • ______Monday Topics everywhere also.

Aftermath Edit

Has yet to happen.

Trivia Edit

  • After the news of the death, Two other board users proceeded to cheer up the sad board user.
  • Pat was 100% sure that the newcomer is Ridley, but as the Xenoblade devs retweeted the announcement, that pretty much guarantees it's Shulk. That's an extreme disappointment to Pat and he is very angry about it as he doesn't care about Shulk.
  • Terraforce777 will delete his account if the newcomer is Ridley.
  • People from Miiverse expect a Veteran to be revealed instead.
  • Due to a lack of sleep and a bit too much coffee, Arne83 went a bit crazy and started openly supporting the inclusion of the Mii Lancer. Something he will probably regret after getting some rest.
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