An unidentified surviving user surveying the wreckage.

June 22nd, 2014 was the day immediately following the day commonly known as the saddest in the entire history of GameFAQs, June 21st, 2014. Like its predecessor, the day had many conflicts, mainly between the Temple of Xod and the Carlisle Elitists as both factions fought for dominance over the boards and the wiki.

Topics Taken Down By The Temple Of XodEdit

  1. Terraforce777's thread.
  2. GoomytheSavior's 'Literally no chance of this game being better than P:M' thread.
  3. Yoshi2010's thread contemplating leaving the board. The removal of it was the trigger and he left.
  4. Yoshi_Bro's thread asking about the events of June 21st 2014.
  5. MegaPidgey's thread regarding RidleyFAQs.
  6. NintendoIsBeast's AMA. Can't say we're too sorry about that one.
  7. Terraforce's topic about users promising copies of Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS under certain conditions. This one is unique in that it was created and closed by two members of the Temple.
  8. The topic about the GameFAQs chat room. Of note, Sophia responded to a Close Your Account request seriously in this topic before its deletion.
  9. NintendoIsBeast's second AMA.
  10. Cryosis919's AMA.
  11. Taking into account recent events, probably NintendoIsBeast's third AMA.
  12. Vyer's AMA.

Effects on usersEdit

  1. Yoshi2010 left the boards disgusted with the treatment of the users. It is unknown if he will return, but the fact his account is left open signifies the possibility. He returned on June 24th.
  2. MegaPidgey was put on Warned.
  3. In an unexpected turn of events, Terraforce777 pledged allegiance to The Temple of Xod after having his topic modded by them. His reasons for this are currently unknown.
  4. Cryosis919 was humiliated when his AMA was reported for exactly the same reasons he reported NintendoIsBeast's second AMA.
  5. JayStrike was put on Warned.
  6. Radori was put on Warned.
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